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Cynthia M. Abd El-Malik

Freedom of expression is commonly known as freedom of speech but embraces a wider arena of different forms of expression. It includes one’s rights to embrace ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers as well as expressing them non-violently using different forms of expression (speech, writing, visual and/or auditory means) without being subjected to different forms of censorship or other forms of suppression, prevention, or

Vera Jovanovic

Globalization is the process of growing and widening worldwide interconnectedness and interdependence. Although globalization is not a completely new concept and can be traced back to the empires of antiquity and, more recently, the age of colonisation and the industrial revolution, the last four decades have witnessed true global processes in every sphere of existence, economic, social, cultural and political. In a world that has become a global village,

Yankhoba Seydi

If liberals accept the existence of government, it is because they acknowledge that there are actions that individuals alone cannot or may not be able to carry out successfully or as successfully as government. Among those things are security (national defence, for instance), the administration of justice, the construction of countrywide infrastructures, etc. These are, according to Adam Smith, the key mission of state. But apart from doing what

The kind of democracy that works in accordance with principles of RULE OF LAW, that respects CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS, that allows for real political competition (with competing parties) and that ensures that elections are regular, free and fair

Boris Bílek

The term "minority" refers to a group of people that is usually (but not necessarily) numerically smaller than a dominant group (or dominant groups) in terms of ethnic origin, language, religion, culture, sexual orientation or social status and is endangered because it suffers from prejudice, discrimination or exclusion from social life. There is no generally accepted definition of the term “minority” and this term may have

An economic term that refers to negative changes in behavior resulting from a change in incentives. For example, the provision of full insurance coverage may lead the beneficiary to live dangerously and accept risks that would normally be rejected. Bailouts for enterprises that are purportedly too big to be allowed to fail increases “moral hazard” because they might thereby be encouraged to engage in high risk activities they would otherwise have avoided.
The term NATURAL LAW is used to describe the notion (a) that there is a natural order to the human world that can be determined through the use of reason, (b) that this natural order is beneficial for human co-existence, and (c) that we should hence try to uphold and not violate that order.

Henro Kruger

Neo-liberalism refers to economic liberalism and seeks policies and procedures to transfer the control of the economy from the public to private sector. State interventions must be kept to the minimum. This approach proposes that civil society can benefit most by liberating individual freedom and skills within an environment characterized by strong private property rights, free markets and free trade. The role of the state must be a minor one. It has to

Petar Mirchevski

In simple words opportunity means possibility of success. It can also be described as something that improves the likelihood that a goal can be attained. Nonetheless there are many other many other factors that can determine the outcome such as one's will, interests, motivation, knowledge and intelligence, for example.

Liberalism is a theory of individualism put into a political context. Guaranteeing individual rights and liberties are crucial

Termed used to describe the socialist understanding of DEMOCRACY. DEMOCRACY is understood as an instrument of rule by the leading class (the proletariat, the working class).
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Compiled and edited by Dr. Stefan Melnik, a senior advisor to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation as well as political communication trainer, editor and author of many books on liberalism. Names of outside contributors are respectively mentioned under the terms.

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